About Me

My name is Abbey. I garden in San Antonio, Texas (zone 8b). Our home and yard sit on an average-sized suburban lot in a 35-year-old neighborhood near the South Texas Medical Center.

When we moved in in 2007, the yard had four trees but no other landscaping. We hired a former nurseryman to help us sketch a plan that we've implemented ourselves. As a result of the process, I've fallen in love with landscaping. I like to learn about plants and their growing requirements, then find the right spot for them in our yard and arrange them into the overall scheme.

Home 2007
Home 2009

Growing Conditions
San Antonio is at the edge of the desert so water conservation is a priority. Our area's native plants are xeric and so are most of the ones in my hard; however, not all of my plants are natives.

South Central Texas is situated over a shelf of limestone that creates alkaline soil. In most places on the north side of the city, you can dig only a few inches before you smack into rock. Luckily, our yard has several feet of soil.