July 7, 2010

No Man's Land

Every yard had a No Man's Land - an out of the way, neglected spot where outdoor unmentionables accumulate. Our No Man's land is situated on a slope, which makes it a chore to traverse to and from the compost bin.

Complicating the problem is this old air conditioner pad. It's a pain to mow and edge around it. Plus, when it rains, the water coming off the pad erodes the grass, making a literal slippery slope. I’ve fallen at least once with a full compost bucket and another time, I lost a wheel barrel load.

This weekend, Travis rescued me from the Bad Lands by sledge hammering the pad.

We’ll need to make a trip to Mom and Dad’s lake house so we can add our rock chunks to their retaining wall. After that, we’ll have to take a dip. :)

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