October 1, 2010

Black and Blue . . . and Purple Too

Black and Blue Salvia
Tropical Storm Hermine created some wash out that did a little damage to the base of our black and blue salvia (salvia guaranitica). While I was fixing things up, I noticed for the first time what beautiful purple stems this plant has. They aren't touted as one of its selling features, but they should be. They're gorgeous!

We bought our black and blue when it was only a foot tall without a single flower. The nursery signage sold us on the plant, but when I got home and read some reviews from other Texans, I was concerned that it might become a garden thug. It spreads by rhizomes. [Shutter] When we moved in, we spent many frustrating months pulling out purple heart, which also spreads by rhizomes, so I had some reservations.

Thankfully we haven't had any trouble with our black and blue. We grow it near a fence so it gets more shade than it would prefer, and maybe that is what is keeping it in check. It's a little leggy but not too much and the looser form means that I'll be able to put some extra plants near its base.

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  1. Great picture. I have this plant also, but have never noticed the stem color. I'll have to check that out.