January 13, 2011

Break Out the Bird Book

Break out the bird book. In the past week, I've been visited by two winged guests that I've never seen before. Can you identify them?

So honored to have a great horned owl choose our tree!
If I was forced to guess, I probably could have told you that this was a great horned owl, but since I'd never seen one in person, I had to consult my Birds of Texas book. And what do you know, I met the book's cover boy.

Even with my book, I couldn't ID this bird. He's been eating my suet and flitting around in the broccoli leaves. I thought he looked like a vireo, but my friend Sam, the youngest bird-nerd I know, told me he is a orange-crowned warbler. They are in San Antonio for the winter.


What a treat to have these two birds choose to stop by our house.


  1. Such honorable guests! How do you have your suet feeder hanging? I'd like to add one to my yard but I've got a lot of squirrels too...do the squirrels get after yours?

  2. Here's a picture of my suet feeder's set up http://flic.kr/p/99yVRV. It's only a foot from my window and three feet off the ground on a skinny pole. This set up seems to have deterred the squirrels so far. A mockingbird and half a dozen sparrows visit this feeder too.