March 10, 2011


Gold Dust Aucuba Blooms
Who knew that early spring was bloom time for aucuba? Not me. This is the first time, I've noticed the tiny buds and maroon flowers. If I'm lucky and there is a male plant in my bed, this fall I'll have clusters of fat red berries.  I've seen the berries on aucuba in the nursery, and set against the green foliage, they grab your eye.

Gold Dust Aucuba Buds
It's incredible to me how many new things I've discovered about my yard since I started studying it for my blog. It's a metaphor for life. There are things that we think we're familiar with, people we know well, activities we do every day, and yet when we make a point of observing and reflecting, there are always new nuances to enjoy.


  1. Two of my new, not-yet-planted Aucubas had blooms - first I've ever seen. Will be quite interested to see how both yours & mine turn out.

  2. Flowers are really amusing. Thanks for sharing dear.

  3. Fascinating! This year I learned that boxwood shrubs have flowers that serve as a source of pollen and nectar for bees and butterflies. Our gardens are full of surprises.