June 29, 2011

Sugar Water

An idyllic, graceful scene: a hummer at the feeder, seen through the gentle blur of the window screen.

This scene, however, ... ridiculous :) Have you ever seen a woodpecker's tongue? It's a first for me too.

This bird is probably an offspring of the two yellow-fronted woodpeckers that drilled a nest in our dying tree in April. This picture is the first time I've noticed the "yellow front." Odd that they don't name the species after the colored head, which is still faint on the young birds but prominent on the adults.

Doesn't he look silly trying to fit on the perch, almost like a dove? I bet he spilled more sugar water than he drank.

Like a kid in the candy store, he can't help but taste a little of everything.

Wildlife keeps the garden interesting. I hope your resident critters are as entertaining and inspiring as these two are for me.

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