September 16, 2011

Setember 2011 Foliage Follow Up

The backyard peasants (sparrows and starlings) are loving the fruit on my neighbor's palm tree. Before the berries turn black, they look like bubbles in a champagne glass.

The foliage is doesn't provide much shade for humans but the dead fronds give shelter to birds and bats. When the wind is blowing, the leaves look and sound so relaxing. From our upstairs guest room, when you wake up, the first thing you see is the top of this palm and blue sky.

To get your fill of other  inspiring foliage, check out Pam's blog Digging, where she holds a monthly link party. Today, she is showing off an agave that looks like a squid.


  1. I once stayed in a hotel room in Houston that had a view of the top of a tall palm. I loved to see the leaves swaying in the wind, and when we walked outside we could hear them rustling. Reminds me of a tropical beach!

  2. I remember how the birds flocked to the tall palms in downtown San Marcos - you wouldn't even see them, just hear them chirping like mad and rustling through the fronds.

  3. Thanks for your comment at Hill Country Mysteries.

    Nice post. We lived in South Florida for 20 years. Flocks of parakeets lived in palms at City Hall and pileated woodpeckers worked the trunks.

    You're right to be looking for warblers, their migration started through a few weeks ago. Orange-crowned sometimes stay around all winter.