June 30, 2010

Espaliered Figs

Our little yard doesn't have much room for fruit trees, but that hasn't kept us from planting them. We have three Celeste Figs espaliered along our fence.

little fig
Last spring, we started with small plants so that we could train their flexible new growth along the wires.  Since then, progress has been painfully slow. First there was the transplant shock, then the drought, followed by the freezes that killed parts of the trunks.

Espaliered Fig
This season momentum in on our side. A few days ago, we decided that one tree was finally tall enough to merit a second wire. It will only be a few weeks before the limb and wire meet.

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  1. Love your site and what you are doing in your garden. On July 14th am beginning a new meme `We Can Wednesday' at my site A Green Earth and would welcome one of your posts.