June 28, 2010

New Plants - Some for the Shade, Some for the Sun

One of the only plants that Travis requested for our yard is Foxtail Fern. So after church, we stopped at Rainbow Garden and bought two to go along with the volunteer fern that MomMom gave us while we were in Houston last week. I planted them near the front door next to the purple shamrock. The contrasting colors should perk up the shady area.

Sedum Pachyclados 'White'
While we were at the nursery, we bought these creeping sedum. The tag says "sedum pachyclados 'white'." The foliage looks like tight, rich rosets.

I tucked them into the ledge between the patio and the gravel so that their texture can soften the transition. This is an arid, sunny part of the yard and it's difficult to water without splashing dirt into the gravel, but if any plant has a chance at survival, it's sedum.

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  1. First time commenter here. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog.