June 27, 2010

Veggie Harvest

There's nothing like home grown veggies to make you popular at work.

DSC_0005 DSC_0013
About every third day, we pick a basketful of cucumbers, tomatoes, banana peppers and jalapenos.

Travis' Veggie Jungle
Travis is dwarfed by our tomato jungle. We have about twelve plants that are being supported by six Texas Tomato Cages. I highly recommend the cages. They are worth every penny. They're incredibly sturdy and fold flat for storage. Can you imagine if we tried to used the little pepper cages on the left for our tomatoes?

Cucumber Harvest
We trained our cucumbers on a four foot circular section of pig fence but they quickly outgrew it so we increased the structure's height by zip tying our overflow compost bin on top. The cucumbers love it. And by luck, we've found their ideal growing location in our garden. The plants are in full sun, but the fence shelters them from the baking late afternoon heat.

Tsatsiki is a Greek yogurt dip that is usually served with pita bread and gyro. It's one of the many cucumber recipes we've been experimenting with. Our version tasted good, very refreshing, but it was a lot thinner than the spread they serve at the Greek restaurant.

Tsatsiki - Greek Cucumber Spread
1 peeled, shredded cucumber - set in a colander to let the extra moisture drip out
1 cup plain yogurt
1 cup sour cream
1-2+ teaspoons chopped garlic
Fresh mint
Fresh Dill
Mix all the ingredients together with an electric mixer.


  1. That is seriously a tomato jungle! I thought mine was doing great until I saw yours -- mine is tiny in comparison! Those cucumbuers look amazingly perfect. Congratulations!

  2. Ummmm do you want to come over and plant me some humungous veggie plants in my little 4 by 10 area of grass in front of my apartment patio? Please? lol - Oh no, then where would we take the dogs to go to the bathroom? Dang! I'll call you when we buy a house ;)

    P.S. Can't wait to try the Tsatsiki recipe - Darrell's obsessed with that stuff (first tried at Papouli's - ever been?) wonder what we can do to thicken it up - hmmm??

  3. MomMom suggests that using Greek yogurt might make the spread thicker. I'll have to try that next time.