July 12, 2010

Cousin Gunner

I find that people who love plants usually love pets. It's true at our house. Normally, the two loves complement each other like sugar and spice. But when your pet is a year-and-a-half old Labrador and her cousin Gunner comes to play, the combination is more oil in the Gulf - a total disaster.

To keep this Autumn Joy sedum looking full, I was going to prune it after it bloomed. The dogs must have known that I was having second thoughts so they nipped it in the bud, literally. Thanks girls.

Instinctively they knew that catmint blooms best when it's sheared back. To goad me into this chore, the pups gave one of my plants a good smoosh.

By herself, Bailey is an angel around plants, but when she's with Cousin Gunner, they are a set of Tasmanian devils.

After a puppy play date, most plants aren't any worse for the wear, but until the ones in my new bed get a little bigger, I'll have to do a better job protecting them.


  1. Awww good luck with the recovery :( Bob likes to eat plants when we go over to other's houses - one he helped though. It was a grapevine/twig sticking out of the ground that he ate all the way down (obviously we need to watch him better..) but the 'owners' are happy that it is actually growing now is is getting bigger lol.

    P.S. Bob hopes Bailey has fun with her new bone!

  2. Thanks for the cow knuckle. Bailey loves it. She has been working on it for five hours straight and she's barely made any progress.