September 27, 2010

Bi-colored Beauties

After the rains and with the dip in the temperature, everything in my landscape is refreshed (including the gardener). Right now, I am loving the two-in-one color displays from a few of my plants.

This Burgundy To Green Coleus started its life with a thin necklace of lime ringing each maroon leaf. As the temperatures have changed, the burgundy has receded and the green has encroached. You can get an idea of what the young plant looked like from the faded leaf near the top of this picture.

I have two varieties of purple shamrock planted in the same bed. One has solid plum colored leaves and the other (a pass along from MomMom) has deep purple leaves with violet splotches. To complete the monochrome pallet, these plant send up a few delicate lavender blooms on separate stems.

My Archduke Charles rose bushes have about fifty blooms each. The flower petals change color throughout the day, going from light pink to fuchsia. Each flower is in a different stage of the process so from a distance, it looks like I have multicolored hedges.

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