September 28, 2010

Cat in the Catmint

I've been really impressed with the Walker's Low catmint that I bought from High Country Gardens. Gideon likes it too. I planted three tiny mail-order plants in May. Five months later, they've grown into perfect 18-inch mounds.

Gideon in the Catmint
I've read that cats eat catnip but only browse and smell catmint. So far, this has been our experience and the arrangement has worked out well since catmint is the more attractive of the two plants, yet it's still something that Gideon can enjoy. (You can see on the right side of this picture where the dogs stepped on my plant again).

Catmint Blooms
When you buzz catmint with a line trimmer, you get a nice camphor smell and you encourage more blooms. I haven't had a big flush of blooms this year, but now that my plants are established, I'm expecting a good show in the spring.

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  1. He's got that silly "I'm in cat heaven" look on his face - a good ad for catmint.