November 22, 2010

A Year of Gardening

Vista Print is having a holiday special that includes a free photo calendar. Rather than going to the bookstore and spending an hour trying to find just the right theme for 2011, I took advantage of their deal and made a calendar to commemorate my 2010 garden. These are the 12 shots I selected, plus another one for the cover. What do you think?

The calendar freebie is good from now through December 31 and includes free shipping when you order $25+ worth of stuff. (I highly recommend their photo holiday cards if you need something else for your order). Many of you have incredible garden photos and, if you're like me, few opportunities to display them so I hope you'll create a calendar for yourself or as a gift.

Black and Blue SalviaDSC_0024
Banana and Jalapeno HarvestSwallowtail Caterpillars
DSC_0082Hot Loquat
salvia GreggiCabbage
Gray Hairstreak Butterfly on Coneflower


  1. Great tip, I'll have to check them out since I'm always late with my holiday photos. You photography is really beautiful.

  2. what a beautiful calendar! You could probably sell it. I think my favorite is the cabbage.

  3. Love the pics, and I agree with Kate.

    BTW, I meant to tell you how awesome I thought your garden looked last weekend. I am amazed that you put so much effort in and gain such a beautiful end result. :)

  4. Your calendar is beautiful. I especially love the wildlife shots!