February 9, 2011


My hyacinth is blooming! I rescued this bulb after some nighttime varmint (probably a raccoon) dug it from my garden and chomped on it. The bulb was a little spongy and moldy when I found it a few days after the attack, but I gave it a second chance at life and it has responded.

The foliage and flowers on this plant are only about 2.5 inches tall and there isn't a defined stem (yet?). The flowers grow almost directly from the base of the bulb and are protected by the leaves. I was expecting this bulb to perform like the paperwhites that I forced last year. Paperwhites send up a long budded stem and additional foliage that grow almost 10 inches high before the buds break. Hyacinth are different I guess.

As a southern gardener, I don't have much experience with bulbs. (Can you tell?) I hope to change that however. For my birthday, MomMom sent me this book about growing bulbs in warm climates and I've been inspired. I'll keep you posted on my adventures.


  1. I can't wait till these start coming up in our flower beds!

  2. Great save! I don't do much with bulbs either except for a couple of spider lilies in the back...I'd like to venture out a bit...looking forward to your future posts about them.

  3. Looks beautiful in the glass, too. That was a great save.
    Also, on my latest posting I have awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award. :)

  4. Thanks Amy! I've been so swamped lately, but I'll to get on my royal duties as soon as I have a chance.