May 22, 2011

A Hot Harvest

My husband was the original garden blogger in our family, but school, work and other hobbies have sucked away most of his blog time. Occasionally he still pens an entry, like today's, which I am reposting from his blog.

the gardener
The hedge to the right is, in fact, my cherry tomatoes! - All organic folks!

the garden 5/2011

Black Beauty eggplant

Celebrity tomatoes
My Celebrity tomatoes wear pantyhose to make them look less appetizing to mockingbirds who are easily turned off by this early '90s women's underwear-accessory fashion.

Harvest 5/18/2011
Eggplant, banana peppers, TAM-1 jalapenos, cucumbers, and Large Red Cherry tomatoes.


  1. Your eggplant is awesome! Adding that to my list for next year.

  2. Have yall been having issues with birds pecking your tomatoes?

    Alma Delia SS SA Gardener

  3. Wow. My plants look nothing like this - you are a garden master! Everything looks awesome, Abbey! :)

  4. Legal - thanks. Hubs is really the chief veggie grower. I like to plant seeds and transplants but he's the one who is faithful to keep them going.
    You'd think a tomato jungle like ours would be prone to fungus diseases because of poor air circulation, but for two years in a row, it hasn't been an issue. We water with a soaker hose and it hasn't rained much in two years so maybe that's why.
    The next time we meet up, I'll bring you some veggies if you're interested.

  5. Alma, yes those lyrical mockingbirds like to peck a single hole in our tomatoes. Thankfully with the cherry variety, there are plenty to share and it's no big deal to throw out the ones the mockingbirds sampled. With the bigger varieties, we wrap them in panty hose to disguise the red color and discourage the birds. So far it's working.

  6. Hey Abbey..thanks for the tip. It is my first year growing veggies (2nd yr gardening period) and we have just the biggest juiciest tomatoes JUST turning red...I came home and there were pecks all over!!! I was sooooo disappointed!!

    Alma Delia SS Gardener

  7. MD, do you like egg plant? If so, maybe we could meet up and I'll give you some. We grow it because we can and it's beautiful to look at, but it's not a favorite and we have way too much. I work in the Med Center and our house is just outside of it so if you ever have time to meet for lunch or coffee, let me know.

  8. How fortuitous to have a veggie gardening husband! The garden looks wonderful! Someone mentioned San Antonio is on every two week water that the case? Lake Travis looks a mess...

  9. You're on apartment therapy's re-nest 10 Garden Blogs You Really Should Check Out!!!

  10. Hi Cat, good to hear from you. It's true, San Antonio has implemented Stage 2 Water Restrictions which means we can water our landscaptes with a sprinkler or soaker hose 1x a week when the sun is not out. If you're caught watering at the wrong day or time, you can receive a ticket. We are very close to going into Stage 3 where we will only be able to water landscapes 1x every two weeks. You can hand water any time. It's funny because I see a lot more neighbors outdoors hand watering when I walk. It's nice to be able to say hi to them.

  11. I'm on Apartment Therapy! How Cool! Thanks.