May 9, 2011

Outdoor Living

The perennials are back in bloom, the days are longer, the birds are fledging, and now I have the perfect place to enjoy it all: a front row seat in my new patio furniture. We bought this lounger and bistro set from HomeGoods more than a month ago, and I love them! I'm still skeptical about their durability, but so far so good; and I figure, if I had to pay a dollar for each hour I've used them, I'd have gotten my money's worth already.

Previously, we had two nice wrought iron chairs under the arbor. They are durable and classic, but I rarely used them. What I needed was a place to stretch out and relax and a place to set up and work. Now I have both, and I'm in the outside more than ever.

DSC_0012 DSC_0013
Bailey, my sidekick, never misses a chance to join me outdoors. Inevitably she draws me into a game. Her favorite is jollyball tug of war. She always wins.

Gideon likes to spend time outside too, especially in the evening when it's cooler.

Some nights, when we have some extra time, Travis and I fill the bird feeders and enjoy dinner outside. When the sun is setting and the cardinals are chirping, it's like heaven touching earth.

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  1. Your lounge area really does look like heaven on earth. Dinner outside is a great idea. I love how cozy your little table for two looks. :)