August 15, 2011

GBBD: August 2011 - Not Too Shaby

It's the North's turn to steal the show this Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. Here in South Texas, blooms are not abundant, but I have a small and steady supply.

The liriope just started blooming a few days ago.

About a year after we sowed the seeds, the Pride of Barbados is in bloom. In a normal summer, it would be surrounded by a bed of gold and red lantana, but the lantana has been unusually absent in this drought.

What I do have blooming beneath the Pride of Barbados are dwarf blue plumbago. They aren't a show stopper, but they've been steady bloomers and the blue is vivid enough to catch a passerby's eye. (Can you see the speckled lantana leaves in the mix? It's lace bug damage, I think.)

Despite being weakened by mealy bugs and spider mites, the turk's cap still looks good.

Esperanza DSC_0020
Nothing bothers the esperenza. It's grown about 9 feet since the spring and hasn't had any problems to speak of.

The roses are putting on a profusion of blooms. The flowers last only a day before the petals dry up, but with 102° days, you take what you can get.

Garlic chives started blooming just a few weeks ago. They're the closest thing this San Antonio gardener will ever get to the alliums in the other parts of the country.

I counted five blooms on the blue pea vine. I was surprised to see so many considering that about every fourth day, the bottom-most leaves yellow with thirst.

Has-been blooms from echinacea.

Blackfoot daisy

and her cousin, narrow leaf zinnia, both new additions. (I know, in August! What am I thinking?) They were half price with an August-only coupon so we'll see how they fair. For a better Bloom Day show, be sure to visit May Dreams Gardens.


  1. The fact that you can find that much color and charm in your yard is amazing - we have some lantana blooming but that is ALL. :)

    See you tonight!

  2. Turk's cap is certainly a plant I'm considering for my garden (perhaps the pink flavor). Your is looking good, and your narrow leaf zinnia sure is doing well. Happy GBBD!

  3. RBell, I bet turk's cap would do really well in your yard. It's the best part shade color I've found.