November 16, 2011

Foliage Follow Up : November 2011

I had the perfect combination of foliage, light and free time today to take a few pictures for the monthly Foliage Follow Up hosted at Digging.

The temperatures have dipped close to freezing a few times and the fig leaves have responded. Soon, the leaves will fall off (or they'll look so ratty that I remove them), but for now, I'm enjoying the stained glass effect.

Coral Honeysuckle
Overall, the leaves on the coral honeysuckle have started to turn yellow and dry out as the plant prepares for semi-dormancy. But on the vine I transplanted in this summer, new leaves are forming. I suppose the plant is taking advantage of the moderate temperatures and the opportunity to produce and store some food for next spring.

Have I mentioned how much I love the purple hyacinth vine? Only twice in the last two posts! Here's another reason I love it.

Foxtail Fern
I used my gift certificate to Sunshine Landscape and Garden Center - thank you! - (more on my visit there later) to buy several new shade plants including this foxtail fern. It's only been in the ground for about two weeks and it's already put out a few new fronds.

Swiss Chard
In the veggie garden, Travis is growing Swiss chard - Bright Lights. Looks great and tastes good too. I've been using it like a salad green.

Here are two more new additions from Sunshine - Peter Pan agapanthus and fatsia or japanese aralia.

I planted the fatsia behind my black and blue salvia. When I was in Florida last month, I saw similar grouping using black and blue salvia and philodendron. The large leafed plant provide a nice canvas to show off the black and blue flowers. I'll keep you posted on how this combination looks this spring.

Inland Sea Oats
This weekend, I moved my four inland sea oat plants to the backyard. I heard on a garden show that they are perfect plants for the sun/shade transition point under a tree. Mine had been located near the trunk of a live oak and had been declining over the last few years. After hearing the radio show recommendation, I decided they were getting too much shade and relocated them to a part sun spot near the backyard arbor. We shall see how they fair.

Varigated Lily Flax
Flax Lily flower
My favorite purchase from my trip to Sunshine is this variegated flax lily. I divided the large plant I bought in two and put one part on each side of my water fountain (pictures to come). They brighten up the shady space so well, and as a bonus today, I noticed these tiny flowers on the plant for the first time. Lovely.


  1. How nice that you were able to find so many great foliage plants for your garden with your gift certificate to Sunshine Nursery. Did you have time to visit any other local nurseries while you were here?

    Thanks for participating in Foliage Follow-Up!

  2. Hope you enjoyed your visit to Austin. You made some pretty choices with your gift certificate. You're right, the flax lily is lovely! Also, the purple hyacinth has great foliage.

  3. Sounds like you had a rewarding trip to Austin. Inland sea oats grows anywhere in my garden. Even in some places where they get no sun at all. They are rather free with their seeds but oh so pretty n the fall and winter.

  4. It's great that you were able to find so many beautiful foliage plants. Drop a line next time you're going to be in Austin...I'm right around the corner from Sunshine :) I've gotta grow some of that hyacinth vine next's calling my name!

  5. Really enjoyed the shot of the purple hyacinth vine leaf. Can see why you like it.