August 29, 2010


It's hot. Almost every day, the temperature is near 100 degrees. And it has been dry for almost two months. Every plant in the yard is showing stress.
Hot Loquat
The loquat is loosing leaves in the heat.

Hot Coleous
The coleus is faded.

The aucuba is sunburned.

Bug on Rose
The roses blooms dehydrate almost as soon as they open.

Mexican Mint Marigold
Potted plants like this mexican mint marigold are suffering the most since their caretaker doesn't want to venture into the heat to water.

The bouganvillas are barely hanging on.

Even the moss rose, who looks comparatively good, is shriveling a little.


  1. ...and that's just the plants. In my garden, the gardener is starting to look a little wilted too.

  2. Eek. While I'm sorry to see your poor yard and all your beautiful plants looking so sad, I'm a little relieved to see that it's not just yard looks like a desert. :(